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Let’s Educate A Rainbow Nation

Let’s Educate A Rainbow Nation

Donor Schools

We value our LEARN partnerships with donor schools. These schools share in our hopes and dreams of educating our Rainbow Nation and join hands with us as we aim to place books into the hands of those less fortunate. This is achieved by involving their learners in the active process of giving from the heart through book drives for pre-loved books and time given in community service, with the hope of building a reading nation.

Partnership is key

Our key donor schools partner with us as we educate our rainbow nation.
Stronger together. United. Ubuntu.

“Readers Make Leaders and with a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips a brighter future can be seen ahead for each individual child, as well as for our beautiful country.”

— Roslynne Toerien, CEO and Founder of The LEARN Project
Ways to get involved as a donor school:
  • Partner with LEARN and become a LEARN donor school
  • Become an official LEARN book collection point (LEARN book collection box and posters provided)
  • Involve your school’s Interact or Outreach club in book sorting or covering sessions, assisted by the LEARN team
  • Provide opportunities for High School learners looking to fulfil their community service hours or President’s Award hours with a reputable organisation (hours acknowledged and forms signed off by LEARN)
  • Help LEARN educate our Rainbow Nation on Mandela Day for your 67 minutes
  • Partner with a LEARN beneficiary school who shares in the same vision of a reading nation and experience the true joy of UBUNTU, donating not just books but time, resources and experience as well.

Resources for Donor Schools

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