Eskhululiwe Primary School

Newtown B, Inanda KZN

Eskhululiwe Primary School had been on our Beneficiary School waiting list since 2018. On 29 November 2022 (International Giving Day), their hopes and dreams were fulfilled as we celebrated the launch of the school’s first library (LEARN’s 21st library), proudly sponsored by key sponsor, Ignition Group, who also sponsored the 13 new Foundation Phase book corners at the school earlier in the year.

Joy was contagious at the official opening of this library and special guests were treated to an array of cultural performances, highlighting the rich array of talent within the school and confirming that this was a lifetime investment into a future generation that was full of hope and potential.









Transformation takes teamwork

The establishment of the Eskhululiwe Primary School library is one of our most powerfultransformations to date, truly reflecting the concept of ‘teamwork makes dream work.’

The school took the initiative to convert a run-down ablution block into a classroom, with the hope of creating a library one day at their school. With the backing of Ignition Group and the expertise ofEssentials Building, we expanded the room and created a functional and sustainable Intersen library. Teachers, volunteers and our LEARN team came together to set up the library and bring it to life with 1704 books covered in plastic, an array of early readers for those still learning to read, educational games and resources, library bags and customised tables and chairs, providing a comfortable place for children and teachers to read, research and learn. Teachers and library monitors were trained on our library training courses and earned certificates on completion of their training, equipped andempowered to take their school to new and exciting heights.

“This library has made a huge impact in the lives of our learners and their reading skills have improved a lot. The library has created the love for reading and research, as well as the love for books. The LEARN Project has given our learners and educators the gift of knowledge and power.”


A picture speaks a thousand words

From start to completion, this is Eskhululiwe’s transformation story.