Hope Valley Farm School

Eston, KZN

In the middle of Eston lies a hidden gem, Hope Valley Farm School. It was an absolute joy transforming this school through the power of books as every Foundation Phase classroom received a book corner and the Intersen Phase received the school’s first ever library. Celebrated at the opening on 19 April 2018, the library was proudly sponsored by SA Home Loans and was upgraded by LEARN in 2020.









Transformation takes teamwork

An old classroom was transformed into a bright, happy space where learning can take place and imaginations can run wild. The result? A beautiful new library set up and filled with books with the help of volunteers, teachers and learners. The teachers were trained on the use of the library and librarian, Nicola Wight was trained under the guidance of LEARN librarian, Lynn Cutter. We also welcomed new librarian Amy to the team. Library monitors have been equipped to fulfil their roles with diligence and donor school Our Lady of Fatima spends time reading with the children of Hope Valley each year and it brings us great joy to see collaboration in action between LEARN donor and beneficiary schools.

“The LEARN library has made a big impact on Hope Valley Farm School’s language development and comprehension skills. Our learners have developed a genuine love for reading and are always eager and excited to find new books. The library has broadened their horizons and assisted us in achieving better results in the classroom.”

— Nicola Wight, Librarian

A picture speaks a thousand words

From start to completion, this is Hope Valley’s transformation story.