Quarry Heights Primary School

Newlands East, KZN

This deserving school is run by passionate principal, Mrs Ntombi Madlala who started Quarry Heights Primary School in 2006. Since then, the school has grown enormously. The school had an empty library facility which was built in 2012, however, books and resources were lacking.

The LEARN Project partnered with key sponsor FMI to ensure every child in the school had daily access to books. A library and book corners were handed over on Nelson Mandela Day, 18 July 2019, in a joyous outdoor assembly with over 1000 learners, teachers, KZN DOE representatives and FMI staff. This was a heartfelt thank you from the school, as learners and teachers performed their creative and musical items and the band played our National Anthem, leaving not a dry eye in the audience.









Transformation takes teamwork

FMI staff were actively involved in this school transformation. A book covering party held at FMI on 18 May 2019 was attended by LEARN volunteers, FMI staff, and teachers from Quarry Heights and other beneficiary schools who gave their time to ensure over 1000 books were covered. Thirty Quarry Heights teachers also enjoyed a training course on the use of the library and librarian Sindiswa Shazi completed her librarianship training, as did Lungile Nkosi who was appointed head of the Foundation Phase book corners. Twelve library monitors were inspired to look after their library and encouraged to share their love of reading with their peers. Set up week was assisted by teachers, the principal and the FMI team who helped set up the library and each book corner, efficiently prepared by our LEARN team.

“It is so important to be able to read. There is nothing that excites the children of Quarry Heights more than to be in an environment that is conducive to learning and that is contributing to their lives. This library has made a significant impact.”


A picture speaks a thousand words

From start to completion, this is Quarry Height’s transformation story.