Silimela Primary School

Kwamashu, KZN

On 2 December 2021, The LEARN Project and key sponsor, the AES Charitable Trust fulfilled the hopes and dreams of the KwaMashu community, as Silimela Primary School’s first library and book cornerswere officially opened. The day was celebrated with entertainment by the school learners with a Zulutraditional dance and poetry recital about the importance of reading, as well as inspiring speeches bykey note speakers from the school and KZN Department of Education.

On this day, the community, including representatives from The LEARN Project, the AES Charitable Trust, KZN Department Of Education and the school’s SGB came together to celebrate this achievement.Library badges were presented to the excited library monitors and educators started dancing and singing songs of celebration in appreciation for what was taking place. The principal of Silimela, in her speech, also highlighted the significance of the library and how excited they were to have access to somany books and educational resources.









Transformation takes teamwork

Excitement was in the air as we worked hard towards launch day. A training workshop was heldfor the Silimela teachers in the newly established library facility, as we went through the foundationsof a successful library and the framework for creating a culture of reading within the school.Teachers assisted with the set-up of 8 Foundation Phase classroom book corners, including480 beautiful books covered in plastic and accessioned into registers, together with literacy charts, cushions and a rug to make each corner inviting.

“Thank you so much for believing in us and for providing our school with an opportunity to growas a reading nation. Thank you for making surethat our dream is realised."


A picture speaks a thousand words

From start to completion, this is Silimela’s transformation story.